American Society for Composites

31   Technical Conference and

ASTM Committee D30 Meeting

September 19-22, 2016

Williamsburg, Virginia


The 2016 ASC Proceedings can be purchased HERE.



Syracuse University


of Utah



Williamsburg Lodge, Williamsburg, VA






D30 Meetings:


Regular registration ends:


September 19-21, 2016

September 21-22, 2016


September 1, 2016

Conference Chairs:


Dr. Barry Davidson

Syracuse University


Dr. James Ratcliffe

NASA Langley Research Center


Dr. Michael Czabaj

University of Utah


ASTM D30 Program Chair:


Dr. Ronald Krueger

National Institute of Aerospace



9/5/16 - The final program has been posted  on the "Program" page.


4/11/16 - Full paper template is now available: The full paper template can be found on the "Paper Submission"  page.


4/11/16 - The Williamsburg Lodge room reservation is now available: To reserve a room at the Lodge, please go to the "Venue/Hotel" page.


2/23/16 - Keynote speakers announced: Dr. Tia Benson Tolle and Dr. Brian Cox are the 2016 ASC Conference Keynote speakers. For more information about Dr. Benson Tolle and Dr. Cox see the "Program" page.


1/13/16 - Banquet dinner speaker announced: Astronaut Dr. Nancy Currie-Gregg is this year's banquet dinner speaker.


1/13/16 - Tour of NASA Langley Research Center: The first 80 Early Bird registrants will have the option of joining a “VIP Tour” of NASA Langley Research Center and to observe first-hand many of the facilities that played pivotal roles in the development of aviation and America’s manned space program. For more information see the "Registration" page.


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