Graduate Student Advisory Council


The purpose of Graduate Student Advisory Council (GSAC) is to provide a liaison between the graduate students and the Mechanical Engineering Department at University of Utah. Our aim is to enhance your graduate life experience by promoting the interests and concerns of graduate student body, as well as establishing a dynamic community through active participation. Please feel free to contact us at


Our activities are mainly focused (but not limited) to the following:

  •     Involved in graduate student affairs
  •     Promote communication and collaboration among students and faculty.
  •     RPT (Retention, Promotion, Tenure) reviews
  •     New faculty hiring (Attend seminars and luncheon to review and provide feedback)
  •     Organization of graduate visitation weekend (GVW)
  •     Outreach activities
    • Graduate fairs
    • Social events

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Graduate Student Advisory Council Contact

Valentin RomanovValentin Romanov
GSAC Chair

(801) 865-3617 |

Research: The use Micro/Nano fluidics in application to molecular biosystems
Life Interests: Backpacking, soccer, skiing, martial arts, picking mushrooms, meeting people from around the world and drawing, just to mention a few.

JohnDeSutterJohn DeSutter
GSAC Vice-Chair

Research: I am studying near-field radiation and its applications in waste-heat recovery 

Life Interests: Skiing, mountain biking, hunting, fishingand golf


Aowabin RahmanAowabin Rahman
GSAC Events Coordinator

(801) 448-5076 |

Research: Integrated energy systems, thermal storage systems
Life Interests: Soccer, sports journalism, films and  chess

Jourdan Colter
GSAC Recruitment Chair


Nick Traeden
GSAC Special Events


David Moises Ricsi
GSAC Social Chair