Profs. Steven Naleway and Bart Raeymaekers receive $352K NSF Grant

Congratulations to Assistant Prof. Steven Naleway (PI) and Associate Prof. Bart Raeymaekers (co-PI) for receiving a new $352K NSF grant from the Manufacturing Machines and Equipment (MME) within CMMI division. The objective of this research is to conduct basic research on a new manufacturing process that combines freeze casting and ultrasound directed self-assembly, and the mechanical properties Read More…

Prof. Jake Abbott receives new $385k NIH grant for telerobotic eye surgery

Project title: Quantifying the Benefits of Head-mounting in Telemanipulated Robotic Eye Therapies Many of the up-and-coming therapeutic protocols in ophthalmology are technically difficult, near or beyond the limits of human ability, and are being attempted by only a few surgeons. Surgeon hand tremor combined with patient movement due to breathing and snoring place a lower Read More…

Brittany Ashley 235x155
Brittany Coats and Ashley Spear receive $591K from U.S. Dept. of Justice for infant skull fracture research

Profs. Brittany Coats (PI), Prof. Ashley Spear and collaborator Prof. Susan S. Margulies (Dept of Bioengineering, University of Pennsylvania) receive $591K from the U.S. Dept. of Justice for infant skull fracture research.  The three-year award, titled “Skull fracture patterns from head impact in infants”, will develop and validate a computational toolset for predicting skull fracture patterns in Read More…

Shad Roundy
Roundy Receives NSF CAREER Award

Mechanical Engineering assistant professor Shad Roundy, in the University of Utah’s College of Engineering received the National Science Foundation’s prestigious CAREER Award for his work in developing the use of low-frequency magnetic fields to power medical implants. This award is for five years. Roundy received his award to research a way to use low-frequency magnetic Read More…

Naleway, Raeymaekers Receive RIF Award for New Nanoindenter

Mechanical engineering assistant professor, Steven Naleway (principle investigator — PI) and associate professor, Bart Raeymaekers (co-PI) received a Research Instrumentation Fund (RIF) grant from the University of Utah Office of the Vice President for Research. The grant, for $49,500, is supplemented with generous cost share from the University of Utah Manufacturing Engineering Partnership Center, the Read More…

Kay Park in lab
Park receives University of Utah Seed Grant

Congratulations to Prof. Kay Park!  He recently received a University of Utah Seed Grant for the “Development of Scanning Near-Field Thermoreflectance Microscopy for Nanoscale Temperature and Phonon Mean Free Path Spectra Mapping”. Understanding of thermal transport at the nanoscale has increasing importance as device sizes shrink and applications for nanotechnology become more prevalent. At these length Read More…

Kay Park in lab
ME Prof. Park and collaborator Prof. Gaillardon receive UU Research Instrumentation Fund

Congratulations to Professors Pierre-Emmanuel Gaillardon and Kay Park who recently received a University of Utah Research Instrumentation Fund for “Shared High-Resolution Nanolithography System”. This fund will help bring the SwissLitho AG NanoFrazor to the University of Utah Nanofab cleanroom facility. The SwissLitho NanoFrazor will provide:  High­‐resolution direct  write  nanolithography:  Resist  is  directly  vaporized during the NanoFrazor patterning process Read More…

Czabaj Receives ALS and LBNL Beam Time

For his research Life-cycle Quantification of Ultrahigh Temperature Materials Using Novel In-situ Tests with Micro-focus Tomography, mechanical engineering assistant professor Michael Czabaj received two days beam-time at the Advanced Light Source at Lawrence Berkeley National Labs over the next three years. Dr. Czabaj is the director over the Utah Composites Laboratory.

Prof. Bart Raeymaekers and Collaborator Received $394k U.S. Army Research Office Grant

Prof. Bart Raeymaekers together with collaborator Prof. Fernando Guevara Vasquez (U of U Mathematics Dept.) has received a three-year $394k grant from the Army Research Office (ARO) to conduct research on “Synthesis of multi-functional materials with tailored properties using scalable ultrasound directed self-assembly and additive manufacturing”.  The ability to design and manufacture multi-functional materials with tailored Read More…