The mission of the Department of Mechanical Engineering is to cultivate an environment through teaching, research, and service that fosters the technical, critical thinking, and communication skills necessary for students and faculty to contribute to the engineering profession and to the well-being of society.

ABET Accredited


perching_quadrotorOur undergraduate Spiral Curriculum is the winner of several Best Paper awards from the American Society for Engineering Education and the Division of Experimentation and Laboratory Oriented Studies. The Spiral Curriculum is an integrated, hands-on learning experience that carries throughout the Freshman and Sophomore year. The fun doesn’t stop there! Our unique undergraduate curriculum emphasizes hands-on experiences in team-based, competition projects in all four years. Traditional subjects are are infused with year-long active learning projects, labs, and continual reinforcement of the fundamentals. After students complete the Spiral sequence, they move on to the third year mechatronics courses, and finally on to the senior design capstone classes. Our graduate program is a flourishing environment packed with ample research opportunities. We are now educating over 250 graduate students annually – a great opportunity for students to network with each other. With 27 regular faculty and 16 full-time research faculty, students have access to the best advisors for their research interests. Learn more



The heart of what makes the University of Utah a special place to get an education is its commitment to providing both Undergrad and Graduate students the opportunity to conduct meaningful research. The skills gained through research experiences are extremely beneficial, regardless of your career or academic aspirations. Our faculty are actively engaged in teaching, research, and service across a wide spectrum of areas within Mechanical Engineering. Our main research areas include: Design, Ergonomics, Manufacturing, & Systems; Robotics, Controls, & Mechatronics; Solid Mechanics; and, Thermal-Fluids & Energy Systems. Within each division you will find many faculty members with unique interests and cutting-edge research. Learn more


New Kennecott Building East SideThe Kennecott building is undergoing major renovations and expansions in a four-phase plan to move the entire department over to the new Kennecott building. The first phase will be completed in late 2013. The new building will house the entire ME Faculty, staff, and most of it’s graduate students and labs. Learn more