ME 4000/4010 Fundraising Information

Three ways to collect donations from your Design Team sponsors:

1. By Mail:

Using the Donation Form, your sponsor can mail a check to: Marjan Esmaeili Department of Mechanical Engineering 50. S. Central Campus Drive, 2110 MEB Salt Lake City, UT 84112 Phone: (801) 587-7782 * Make sure the sponsor includes your Team Name on the form and check. OR Your sponsors can give by mail through the U of U online donation website by filling out the online form, printing it out and mailing it in. Your sponsor will need to click the “Add special instructions” link on the first page, and type in “ME 4000” and your team name.

2. Online:

Your sponsors can donate online via credit card through the U of U online donation website. Your sponsor will need to click the “Add special instructions” link on the first page, and type in “ME 4000” and your Team Name.

3. In Person:

Your sponsors can fill out the donation form and write you a check.  Give the check and form to Marjan Esmaeili in the ME office to deposit in your project’s account. Make sure the sponsor includes your Team Name on the form and check.

“In-Kind” Donations:

You may receive materials or supplies as donations. If this is the case, the sponsor may still receive a tax deduction. The company will need to fill out the donation form with the value of the donated items and write “IN-KIND” below the amount entered. Return the form to Marjan Esmaeili in the ME office in person or via mail.

Information about Making Purchases

  1. All purchases should be made through the Department.
  2. Reimbursements should not be the norm, but the exception. A memo authorized by the faculty advisor validating rational of purchase is required before a reimbursement will be considered.
  3. When making purchases using personal funds, the University Tax exemption certificate cannot be used. Forms for each of these are at the ME front desk by Kirstin Schmidt (this assumes you have money in your team account). You will need to get your faculty advisor’s signature on the form.


  1. Frequent and intentional use of personal credit cards for purposes that otherwise do not benefit the University (such as accumulating “points” that such cards provide to the individual), and then seeking reimbursement from the University, is neither an efficient nor effective procurement method; and runs counter to the principle stated in Policy 3-010, paragraph III.B.1.
  2. Reimbursements are subject to the requirements and restrictions contained within the University’s purchasing policies. Violation of procurement policies may result in non-approval of reimbursement requests.
  3. The University has a Sales Tax Exemption certificate that allows goods to be purchased without paying Utah state sales tax. To maintain the certificate the University certifies that the items will be purchased with University funds and will be used for the University’s essential functions. Use of the certificate while paying with personal funds violates state requirements. If documentation suggests misuse of the exemption certificate, reimbursement will require a letter of justification and the cognizant Vice President’s approval.
  4. Reimbursements less than the established minimum, currently $25, should be paid through a departmental petty cash fund, if available. Accumulating several transactions in order to meet the established minimum is acceptable, assuming the payee is the same.
  5. In accordance with principles set forth in Policy 3-010, Section III.B.1., reimbursement requests will not normally be eligible for expedited payment, (i.e., same day or next day processing), without director or department chair approval.

[This rule does not govern expenditures or personal reimbursements related to University Travel]

Purchase Requests:

Purchase requests require 48 hours to process.  This time frame only applies to those forms that are filled out correctly. Please contact Marjan Esmaeili, if you have questions about the form. For small items (3′ cube and smaller) you can have items shipped to the ME office address: Attn: Your name &/or Project University of Utah Mechanical Engineering 50 S Central Campus Dr. 2110 Merrill Engineering Building Salt Lake City, Utah 84112–9208