Design Day: Tuesday, April 15, 2014

The Department of Mechanical Engineering Design Day is held annually at the U of U Student Union. The main focus is the Senior Design Showcase, where seniors display their projects that they have been working on for the past year. Also part of the festivities are the robotic competitions where freshman design and junior mechatronics student teams compete.

Senior Design Projects

SrDesign2013This year the graduating senior class is the largest yet, making Design Day a huge and exciting event! There will be 25 design teams presenting their innovative and cutting-edge senior capstone projects. (photos are from Design Day 2013)

2014 Design teams included:

  • Adaptive Motocross
  • Alpine Tetra Ski Team
  • Alternative Piano Pedal Activation
  • Atmospheric Boundary Layer Research Rocket
  • Formula SAE Engine
  • FSAE Aerodynamics Package
  • FSAE Monocoque
  • Grip Force and Wrist Position Measurement System
  • Home Firefighting Robot
  • Improved Off-Road Chassis
  • Improved Rehabilitation Walker
  • Omnimagnet
  • Particle Flow Visualizer
  • Pediatric Carbon Fiber Prosthetic Foot
  • Residential Wind Turbine
  • RoboBird
  • Rotary Rear Suspension
  • Sign Language Trainer
  • Skateboard Brake System
  • Snow Sports Winch
  • Solar Powered Commuter Vehicle
  • Submersible Radioactive-Resistant Robot
  • Sustainable Kinetic Sculpture
  • Wave Energy Machine


Senior Design Showcase (11:00 am – 3:00 pm)

Cutting-edge projects developed by students – listed above

Mission Impossible: Junior Mechatronics Competition (1:00 – 3:00 pm)

A stolen microcontroller containing highly classified information is locked deep within a secure facility. Teams comprising three specialized robots will attempt to infiltrate the facility and reclaim the stolen microcontroller. Once a team enters the structure, a timer will start counting down, and the team must get out before time is up. The first two robots must each perform a specialized task to unlock a door to enable the other team members to move deeper into the secure facility, while holding the door open for the escape. The third robot must enter the vault and snatch the microcontroller without setting off the alarm, and the team must then flee the facility as quickly as possible. Thirteen teams will compete in this mission. Teams will be judged on their ability to complete all three tasks as quickly as possible.

Operation Desert Hail: Freshmen DESIGN COMPETITION (12:00-2:00 p.m.)

A group of 70 missile-launch teams has been assembled in the desert to demonstrate their programming skills and compete for elite status. Each team will control an identical “ping pong” missile launcher, which they must program to hit a set of six randomly located targets on the ground. Teams must first use MATLAB programming  language to correctly identify the coordinates of the targets in a provided satellite image and transmit them to the microcontrollers onboard their launchers. The launchers must be programmed to autonomously aim, shoot, and reload. Points will be awarded for identifying and hitting each target, with time acting as a tie-breaker.

Past Student Senior Design Projects

  • Ballistic Launcher
  • Bio-Inspired Grasper
  • Buoy Power Generator
  • Electrathon 2011
  • Formula SAE 2011
  • Grand Canyon Alternative Motor Project
  • Instrumented Golf Club
  • Land Sailor/ Eco Hawk
  • Modular Sump Refugium
  • NASA Great Moon Buggy 2011
  • SAE Baja 2011
  • Team Flugtag
  • Tesla Turbine
  • Triaxial Rock Testing Machine
  • UltraARM
  • URoc
  • Wearable Exoskeleton