U Students Develop Engineering Course Materials for Nationwide Use

Tran and Thoms presenting at the 2015 Research Posters on the Hill. Photo credit: Andy Brimhall

March 12, 2015—A pair of engineering undergraduates at the University of Utah have created a new way to educate high school and university students about nanotechnology. Jeff Thomas, a senior civil engineering major, and Bryan Tran, a junior mechanical engineering major, created teaching materials and corresponding demonstration microchips to teach high school and university students basic engineering scaling concepts related to the way physical rules change and operate when designing at the micro- and nano-scale, which is 1 to 1000 nanometers. “In high school, students have to take a computer […]

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Distinguished Seminar: Gretchen McClain


The Doors Engineering Can Open – The Broad Career & Exciting Opportunities in Front of You Friday, March 27, 2015, 3:00 pm Mechanical EngineeringDistinguished Seminar Series1250 WEB (Warnock Engineering Bldg.) Reception to follow at 4:00 pm Gretchen McClain Director, Booz Allen Hamilton Holding Co.Director, AMETEK Inc.University of Utah 2015 Founders Award Recipient Abstract:There’s never been a more exciting time – or a more urgent need – for bold and talented engineering professionals. Looking at life’s challenges through an engineer’s eyes gives you a powerful advantage: you have the analytical thinking […]

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When it Comes to Robots, Mark Minor says the Future is Here

Mark Minor Story

Deseret News: Mark Minor, the University of Utah professor who is developing “smart” shoes for Parkinson’s patients and flying robots to perch in trees and devices to help cars drive themselves, was destined for such work from the start. When most kids were out playing soccer or football, he was in the family garage under the hood of a car or playing with Lego Mindstorms. As early as 5 years old, he was replacing piston rings and helping his father rebuild engines and wondering how and why things worked. “I […]

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Utah Students Take a Remote Drive on a “Mars” Rock Yard


cradlepoint -global Leader in 4G LTE Network Solutions blog on University of Utah RoboUtes students’ preparations for their extraterrestrial missions of the future. The RoboUtes are an interdisciplinary student organization at the University of Utah. For the past three years, they have participated in the RASC-AL Exploration Robo-Ops Competition. “Robo-Ops,” which is sponsored by NASA and organized by the National Institute of Aerospace, pits undergraduate and graduate students from eight select universities across the country as they compete to create the highest-performing planetary rover prototypes. Once the teams have created […]

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The 10 Skills Employers Most Want In 2015 Graduates


Forbes Magazine: The trick is to demonstrate that you have those skills through your cover letter, résumé and interview. Think about class projects where you have been a team member or leader and jobs where you have had to plan and prioritize. Describe those skills specifically in your résumé and cover letter and in your job interview. The National Association of Colleges and Employers (NACE) a Bethlehem, PA non-profit group that links college career placement offices with employers, ran a survey from mid-August through early October where it asked hiring […]

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Robotics Teams Ready to Rumble


Program founder, inventor Dean Kamen will attend Utah FIRST Robotics Competition at Maverik Center. March 5, 2015 – The student-made robots at this year’s Utah Regional FIRST Robotics Competition won’t just be rumbling. They’ll be recycling. Fifty-three high school teams from 11 states and Canada are competing to see whose robot can stack and sort recyclable materials the fastest. The annual competition, in which high school teams design and build robots that perform a specific task, will be held March 13 and 14 at the Maverick Center, 3200 S. Decker […]

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U Mechanical Engineering Alumna, Gretchen McClain, Honored

Gretchen McClain

Gretchen McClain, who graduated from the University of Utah’s Department of Mechanical Engineering and helped lead NASA’s International Space Station program, was honored on Founders Day. University of Utah engineering alumna, Gretchen McClain, has impacted technologies ranging from cell phone interconnects to robotics for spacecraft. At the U’s annual Founders Day banquet on Feb. 24, she was one of several distinguished alumni honored for their contributions.  Inspired by her father, a Penn State engineering graduate, McClain was surrounded by science and engineering from a young age. Her journey began at the […]

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Survey: Demand for Utah Engineers Skyrocketing


Kevin Driggs, who is responsible for recruiting new engineering graduates for Lehi-based technology company IM Flash, has a big problem. His company is having a hard time finding enough engineers to fill job openings because IM Flash is growing so rapidly. Normally, the company, which produces memory chips for consumer electronics such as computers and smartphones, hires 40 to 50 engineers each year.   “We’re going to have to hire 150 people just this year. Potentially, we might have to hire more than that,” Driggs said. “Some of the things […]

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Distinguished Seminar: Susan Margulies, Ph.D.


Understanding Why Head Rotation Direction Matters Friday, Jan. 16, 2015, 3:15 pm Mechanical EngineeringDistinguished Seminar SeriesWarnock Engineering Bldg. (WEB) 2230 Reception to follow at 4:15 pm Susan Margulies, Ph.D. George H. Stephenson Professor in BioengineeringSchool of Engineering and Applied ScienceUniversity of Pennsylvania All are invited and welcome to attend. Light refreshments will be served. Abstract: Previously we reported that traumatic axonal injury and neurofunctional outcomes after rapid head rotations are influenced by head rotation direction. We hypothesized that injury is closely correlated with white matter tract deformation, and that these […]

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Winning Freshmen Team: Apollo 36


University of Utah freshmen students gathered for their end of the semester competition “Quick Launch” in the Union Ballroom, yesterday (Dec. 4, 2014). Talk about bulls-eye after bulls-eye! These top six teams were hard to beat! Teams built mechanical robots powered by potential energy (cans of spam), using SolidWorks, hand tools and 3-D printers. Robots were equipped with projectile launchers to throw a “baseball” to a target where, sticking to the bull’s eye receives maximum points. Mechanical engineering freshman, Nathan Baum, Apollo 36 team member said, “The strategy of our team […]

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