Robotics, Controls, & Mechatronics

Current Research Topics Include:

  The field of robotics has expanded tremendously since its early focus on industrial robots, and now includes very diverse topics such as autonomous vehicles, medical robots, smart sensor networks, microrobots, robot vacuum cleaners, sentry robots, and pet robots. Robotics technology is embedded in many devices which are not usually thought of as robots. A knowledge of how to model motion and an emphasis on real-time computation finds application in graphics, animation, and computer games. Due to the extraordinary breadth of disciplines that robotics encompasses, roboticists have been described as universal engineers, able to apply their expertise and adapt to a wide variety of topics.   M.S. and PhD in Mechanical Engineering, Robotics Track Robotics at the University of Utah


Faculty & Researchers

Jake Abbott

Jake Abbott Associate Professor

Research: Wireless magnetic biomedical microrobots | Robotic assistance for cochlear implants | Teleoperation of novel systems
Director: TeleRobotics Laboratory

Thomas Henderson

Thomas Henderson Professor, School of Computing

Research: Computer vision | Mobile robots | Smart sensor networks

John Hollerbach

John Hollerbach, Professor, School of Computing and
Research Professor, Mechanical Engineering

Research: Haptic interfaces | Locomotion interfaces | Robot calibration and control | Medical robotics | Human arm movement
Director: Robotics Track


Kam K. Leang, Associate Professor

Research: Dynamic systems and control | Autonomous systems and robotics | Nanopositioning | Electroactive materials | Mechatronics Director: Research Site

Stephen Mascaro

Stephen Mascaro, Associate Professor

Research: Robotics and mechatronics | System dynamics and control | Haptics | Sensors and actuators | Human-machine systems Director: BioRobotics Laboratory

Sanford Meek

Sanford Meek, Associate Professor

Research: Biocontrol Systems | Robotics

Mark Minor

Mark Minor, Associate Professor

Research: Design | Modeling and control of mobile robot systems, e.g., ground based modular systems and underactuated climbing robots Director: Robotic Systems Laboratory

William Provancher

William Provancher, Associate Professor

Research: Haptics | Tactile sensing and feedback | Climbing robots | Meso-scale manufacturing and embedded mechatronics Director: Haptics & Embedded Mechatronics Laboratory

Jur van den Berg

Jur van den Berg, Assistant Professor, School of Computing

Research: Robotics | Virtual environments