Research by Faculty

BioMechanical/BioMedical Engineering

Jake Abbott - medical robotics

Don Bloswick - industrial ergonomics, occupational biomechanics, safety

Rebecca Brannon - computational methods for large strain elasticity and viscoelasticity

Brittany Coats - biomechanics of traumatic brain and eye injury, pediatrics

Bruce Gale - MEMS, microfluidics, bioMEMS

Jim Guilkey – mechanical characterization of multi-cellular constructs

Andrew Merryweather – injury biomechanics of falls and movement disorders, musculoskeletal modeling, motion analysis

Ken Monson - head injury biomechanics, blood vessels mechanics

Bart Raeymaekers - orthopedic implants

Bob Roemer - biomedical systems

Composite Materials

Dan Adams - mechanics of composite materials, micromechanics, damage mechanics

Rebecca Brannon - computational multiscale and homogenization methods for large-deformation of intrinsically textured media such as jointed rocks and fiber composites or for induced texture such as oriented cracking


Jake Abbott - haptics, wireless magnetic control

Steve Mascaro- human-machine systems

Sandy Meek - biocontrol systems

Mark Minor - control of robotic systems

Will Provancher - haptics

Bob Roemer - biomedical systems


Jake Abbott - robotics, medical systems, haptic interfaces

Steve Mascaro - biological mechatronics, wet robotics

Andrew Merryweather – design of assistive technology for disability and rehabilitation, wearable assistive devices

Will Provancher- design, tactile sensing and feedback

Bart Raeymaekers - tribology, precision engineering

Bob Roemer - biomedical systems

Energy & Environment

Kuan Chen - energy system optimization, solar energy, thermoelectrics

Mathieu Francoeur - radiative transfer

Eric Pardyjak  - wind energy

Keunhan (Kay) Park – photovoltaics, thermophotovoltaics, solar thermal, osmosis power generation

Kent Udell - energy production, sustainable energy use, subsurface energy storage, soil and groundwater clean-up

Ergonomics & Safety

Don Bloswick - ergonomics, occupational biomechanics, rehabilitation ergonomics

Andrew Merryweather – advanced ergonomics and injury biomechanics, occupational safety and health solutions and design, human factors engineering

Fluid Mechanics

Tim Ameel - microscale fluid dynamics

Rebecca Brannon - computational methods for fluid-structure interactions

Kuan Chen - aerodynamics, propulsion

Todd Harman – computational fluid dynamics and fluid-structure interaction

Patrick McMurtry - computational fluid dynamics, turbulent mixing, fluid-structure interaction

Meredith Metzger - turbulent boundary layers, pollutant dispersion, sensor development, unmanned aerial vehicles, sensitivity analysis

Eric Pardyjak  - atmospheric turbulence, urban fluid mechanics, stratified flows

Rob Stoll - computational fluid dynamics, LES, atmospheric turbulence, fluid mechanics in biological systems

Kent Udell - multiphase flow, interfacial phenomena, porous media

Heat Transfer

Tim Ameel - microscale convection, heat exchangers

Kuan Chen - conduction in thin films, thermodiodes

Mathieu Francoeur - Near-field thermal radiation

Keunhan (Kay) Park – micro/nanoscale heat transfer, nanoscale thermal metrology

Bob Roemer - bio heat transfer

Kent Udell - phase change, microscale heat transfer, porous media


A.K. Balaji - CAD/CAM, modeling of machining processes, process planning

Bart Raeymaekers - Nanomanufacturing

Microsystems & Nanosystems

Tim Ameel- microfluidic systems

Kuan Chen - miniature energy systems, themal sensors and actuators

Mathieu Francoeur - Nanoscale-gap thermophotovoltaic power generators

Bruce Gale - MEMS, microfluidics, bioMEMS

Keunhan (Kay) Park – M/NEMS, nanoscale imaging and spectroscopy, tip-based thermal engineering


Tim Ameel - microscale phase change processes

Rebecca Brannon - thermodynamic consistency in solid mechanics and high-pressure equations of state

Kuan Chen - plasmas, non-equilibrium thermodynamics

Keunhan (Kay) Park – energy conversion

Kent Udell - energy conversion, phase change


Jake Abbott - medical robotics, haptics

Steve Mascaro - human-machine systems, wet robotics

Sandy Meek - prosthetics

Mark Minor - mobile robots

Will Provancher - development of smart materials in robotics

Solid Mechanics

Dan Adams - damage mechanics, micromechanics

Rebecca Brannon - high-rate large-deformation computational inelasticity

Brittany Coats - biomechanics of traumatic brain and eye injury, pediatrics

Larry DeVries - adhesion, polymers, mechanical properties of materials

Jim Guilkey – computational mechanics and fluid-structure interaction

Ken Monson - biomechanics