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  1. Meet an Inventor Night
    21-Apr-15 • Comments Off
  2. Washakie Renewable Energy Awards Scholarships
    17-Apr-15 • Comments Off
  3. Design Day 2015—April 23
    17-Apr-15 • Comments Off
  4. U Engineering Students Win Bench-2-Bedside
    10-Apr-15 • Comments Off
  5. U Mechanical Engineering Student Awarded DOE Fellowship
    7-Apr-15 • Comments Off
  6. Patching the Pipeline: Educators, Businesses Call for Utah Tech Talent
    6-Apr-15 • Comments Off
  7. U Students Develop Engineering Course Materials for Nationwide Use
    16-Mar-15 • Comments Off
  8. Distinguished Seminar: Gretchen McClain
    16-Mar-15 • Comments Off
  9. When it Comes to Robots, Mark Minor says the Future is Here
    9-Mar-15 • Comments Off
  10. Utah Students Take a Remote Drive on a “Mars” Rock Yard
    6-Mar-15 • Comments Off
  11. The 10 Skills Employers Most Want In 2015 Graduates
    5-Mar-15 • Comments Off
  12. Robotics Teams Ready to Rumble
    5-Mar-15 • Comments Off
  13. U Mechanical Engineering Alumna, Gretchen McClain, Honored
    25-Feb-15 • Comments Off
  14. Survey: Demand for Utah Engineers Skyrocketing
    12-Feb-15 • Comments Off
  15. Distinguished Seminar: Susan Margulies, Ph.D.
    6-Jan-15 • Comments Off
  16. Winning Freshmen Team: Apollo 36
    5-Dec-14 • Comments Off
  17. Open Faculty Positions
    25-Nov-14 • Comments Off
  18. Mechanical Engineering Research Art Wins Best of Show
    25-Nov-14 • Comments Off
  19. Distinguished Seminar: Ibrahim Dincer, Ph.D.
    24-Nov-14 • Comments Off
  20. Teams Announced for NASA 2015 Robotics Operations Competition
    18-Nov-14 • Comments Off
  21. Girl Scout’s Learn About Engineering
    10-Nov-14 • Comments Off
  22. Distinguished Seminar: K. T. Ramesh, Ph.D.
    9-Nov-14 • Comments Off
  23. Finalists Selected for NASA’s RASC-AL Robo-Ops Competition!
    7-Nov-14 • Comments Off
  24. Girl Scout Robots Rock
    3-Nov-14 • Comments Off
  25. Top Ranking Mechanical Engineering Program According to Student Reviews!
    1-Nov-14 • Comments Off
  26. ME 1000 Design Competition: Quick Launch
    26-Oct-14 • Comments Off
  27. Distinguished Seminar: Paul Oh, Ph.D.
    19-Oct-14 • Comments Off
  28. New Grad Level Design & Manufacturing Track Being Offered
    19-Oct-14 • Comments Off
  29. Hundreds Attend Biggest Engineering Day Ever
    13-Oct-14 • Comments Off
  30. Composites Best Choice for Automakers, says U Engineer
    13-Oct-14 • Comments Off
  31. Grad Program: Brian Bailey, Ph.D. candidate
    8-Oct-14 • Comments Off
  32. COMS 2014 Coming to Salt Lake City
    8-Oct-14 • Comments Off
  33. New Faculty: Ashley Spear, Assistant Professor
    29-Sep-14 • Comments Off
  34. Alum and Army Vet Turned NASA Engineer Helps Keep Planes in the Sky
    29-Sep-14 • Comments Off
  35. Distinguished Seminar: Karthik Ramani, Ph.D.
    15-Sep-14 • Comments Off
  36. UDCC Invites Engineering Students to Open House
    10-Sep-14 • Comments Off
  37. COE Ranking Moves up in Rankings
    10-Sep-14 • Comments Off
  38. Distinguished Seminar: K. L. DeVries, Ph.D.
    27-Aug-14 • Comments Off
  39. Distinguished Seminar Series Announced for Fall 2014
    27-Aug-14 • Comments Off
  40. College Outstanding Teacher Award — Mathieu Francoeur, Assistant Professor, Mechanical Engineering
    25-Aug-14 • Comments Off
  41. College Service Award — Tony Roehrig, Electronic Engineer, Mechanical Engineering
    25-Aug-14 • Comments Off
  42. Seminar: Visiting Scholar: Liping Wang, Ph.D.
    18-Aug-14 • Comments Off
  43. New Faculty: Kam K. Leang, Associate Professor
    7-Aug-14 • Comments Off
  44. Presenting at World Congress of Biomechanics
    25-Jun-14 • Comments Off
  45. Utah Has More Top 10 Economic Rankings Than Any Other State
    11-Jun-14 • Comments Off
  46. RoboUtes Win NASA “Best Precursor Mission” Award
    9-Jun-14 • Comments Off
  47. U Engineers Win Sandia Design Competition
    6-Jun-14 • Comments Off
  48. UofU Students Compete in a NASA Sponsored National Robot Competition
    4-Jun-14 • Comments Off
  49. Undergrad Wins International Award and has Research Published
    4-Jun-14 • Comments Off
  50. Undergraduate Project Creates Outdoor Fun for Quadriplegics
    4-Jun-14 • Comments Off
  51. Alum Receives Second Highest Civilian Award from Air Force
    23-May-14 • Comments Off
  52. ME Senior Gets Behind the Scenes of Universal Studios
    15-May-14 • Comments Off
  53. Gale Named 2014 Distinguished Mentor
    10-May-14 • Comments Off
  54. Seminar: Visiting Scholar Hyunjin Lee
    6-May-14 • Comments Off
  55. University of Utah Robotics Showcase
    5-May-14 • Comments Off
  56. Undergrad ME Student Spends Internship Playing with Rockets and Saving the Environment
    2-May-14 • Comments Off
  57. Mechanical Engineering Students Win Best Paper at International Symposium
    1-May-14 • Comments Off
  58. Seminar: Visiting Scholar: Jennifer A. Nichols
    17-Apr-14 • Comments Off
  59. Engineering students showcase everyday robots and then some
    17-Apr-14 • Comments Off
  60. Jake Abbott – Intrigued by Robots
    15-Apr-14 • Comments Off
  61. Design Day Schedule: April 15
    9-Apr-14 • Comments Off
  62. GSAC Soccer Tournament
    3-Apr-14 • Comments Off
  63. Mechanical Engineering Prof. Kent Udell’s transformative energy solution
    3-Mar-14 • Comments Off
  64. Undergraduate Research -Pediatric Adaptive Skiing System
    2-Jan-14 • Comments Off
  65. Militant Ducks take First in the ME 1000 “Ultimate Accuracy” Competition
    9-Dec-13 • Comments Off
  66. Distinguished Seminar: Prof. Robert Howe
    27-Nov-13 • Comments Off
  67. New Publication: In Search of an Intelligent Methodology for Designing Sustainable Cities
    26-Nov-13 • Comments Off
  68. ME 1000 Competition: Ultimate Accuracy!
    20-Nov-13 • Comments Off
  69. Mechanical Leech Takes Third Nationally – 2013 Collegiate Inventors Competition
    18-Nov-13 • Comments Off
  70. Virtual Reality with Feeling -Tactical Haptics
    6-Nov-13 • Comments Off
  71. Distinguished Seminar: Daniel Inman, Ph.D.
    6-Nov-13 • Comments Off
  72. ME Teacher of the Year – Dr. Brittany Coats
    5-Nov-13 • Comments Off
  73. Mechanical Engineering T-shirts
    4-Nov-13 • Comments Off
  74. Distinguished Seminar: Atomic-scale processes in friction and wear
    21-Oct-13 • Comments Off
  75. In Memoriam: Former CoE Dean, M. L. Williams
    11-Oct-13 • Comments Off
  76. Louise Butler B.S. ’14
    8-Oct-13 • Comments Off
  77. Mechanical Leech Selected as Collegiate Inventors Competition Finalist
    3-Oct-13 • Comments Off
  78. ME Teacher of the Year – Dr. Brittany Coats
    2-Oct-13 • Comments Off
  79. Distinguished Seminar: Atomic-scale processes in friction and wear
    1-Oct-13 • Comments Off
  80. Researcher of the Year 2012 – Bruce Gale
    17-Sep-13 • Comments Off
  81. NAE Endorses U Grand Challenge Scholars Program
    9-Sep-13 • Comments Off
  82. New Faculty, Kay Park, Assistant Professor
    4-Sep-13 • Comments Off
  83. Distinguished Seminar Series Announced for Fall 2013
    4-Sep-13 • Comments Off
  84. New engineering fraternity on campus -TRIANGLE Social
    1-Sep-13 • Comments Off
  85. Turning Concepts into Realities
    29-Aug-13 • Comments Off
  86. Congressional Rep. Chris Stewart to speak @ U on The Future of Aerospace in Utah
    20-Aug-13 • Comments Off
  87. Researcher of the Year 2012 – Bruce Gale
    12-Aug-13 • Comments Off
  88. GSAC Hike Sept. 15
    11-Aug-13 • Comments Off
  89. Device engineered by mechanical engineering seniors helps to expand outdoor activities for people with spinal cord injuries
    1-Aug-13 • Comments Off
  90. New Faculty, Amanda Smith, Assistant Professor
    25-Jul-13 • Comments Off
  91. Prof. Stacy Bamberg joins panel at Leonardo After Hours: The InventriXXes: Women Scientists Who’ve Changed the World
    19-Jul-13 • Comments Off
  92. New Faculty, Amanda Smith, Assistant Professor
    11-Jul-13 • Comments Off
  93. ME Student Selected by NASA as a Research Fellow
    17-Jun-13 • Comments Off
  94. Visiting Scholar Seminar: Brett Bell
    12-Jun-13 • Comments Off
  95. RoboUtes Head to NASA
    28-May-13 • Comments Off
  96. Francoeur receives NSF CAREER Award
    24-May-13 • Comments Off
  97. Stoll receives NSF CAREER Award
    21-May-13 • Comments Off
  98. Top Jobs 2013: Mechanical Engineer
    8-May-13 • Comments Off
  99. National starting salary for mechanical engineering graduating seniors: $64,000
    6-May-13 • Comments Off
  100. Green Machine Selected Nationally as One of Six to Compete
    2-May-13 • Comments Off
  101. Senior Capstone Projects Design Day 2013
    22-Apr-13 • Comments Off
  102. HPV Team takes 3rd in Innovation and 6th in Design
    22-Apr-13 • Comments Off
  103. New Faculty, Marc Calaf, Assistant Professor
    14-Apr-13 • Comments Off
  104. Kimberli Jones, Ph.D.
F-16 ASIP 
AFLCMC/WWMEX University of Utah Graduate, 1999, 2001, 2004
    13-Apr-13 • Comments Off
  105. Design Day Tuesday, April 16, 2013
    3-Apr-13 • Comments Off
  106. Call for participants in Ergonomics & Safety Study
    1-Apr-13 • Comments Off
  107. Undergraduate Boppana helping with smart insoles development
    28-Mar-13 • Comments Off
  108. Success follows ME Alum Beadles to NFL…
    13-Feb-13 • Comments Off
  109. Alumna named Associate Fellow by American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics
    8-Feb-13 • Comments Off
  110. Prof. Stacy Bamberg Invents Smart Insole
    7-Feb-13 • Comments Off
  111. U Students Showcase Research on Capitol Hill
    28-Jan-13 • Comments Off
  112. Seminar: ASME Utah Presents: Surviving the Data Explosion: Tools for Big Data
    25-Jan-13 • Comments Off
  113. Distinguished Seminar: A New Game Changer for Rapid and Ultra-High Sensitive Immunoassays and Point-of-Care Test (POCT): Microfluidics and Lab-on-a-Chips
    14-Jan-13 • Comments Off
  114. Ethics, Professionalism and Engineering Genius
    5-Dec-12 • Comments Off
  115. Forbes cites mechanical engineering as one of the 10 best-paying college majors for women
    3-Dec-12 • Comments Off
  116. Punkin Chunkin: Energy
    3-Dec-12 • Comments Off
  117. ME at the UofU Cited as an Exemplar Engineering Program by the National Academy of Engineering (NAE)
    19-Nov-12 • Comments Off
  118. Biomechanics in the Brain
    29-Oct-12 • Comments Off
  119. David Hoeppner, The Dream Lives On
    16-Oct-12 • Comments Off
  120. Seminar: Venture Capital Model for Technology Commercialization with a Focus on Emerging Trillion Sensor Opportunity
    15-Oct-12 • Comments Off
  121. Pardyjak Receives Researcher of the Year 2011
    1-Oct-12 • Comments Off
  122. Composites in Cars: Making Vehicles Lighter, Safer and More Fuel-Efficient
    29-Sep-12 • Comments Off
  123. Seminar: Bio-Cooperative Rehabilitation Robots
    21-Sep-12 • Comments Off
  124. Students’ Choice Teacher of the Year 2011-2012: Mathieu Francoeur
    20-Sep-12 • Comments Off
  125. Bamberg Receives Prestigious International Outstanding Paper Award
    13-Sep-12 • Comments Off
  126. Realism in a Virtual World: Graphics, Movement, Touch & Smell Combine for a Lifelike Virtual Environment
    10-Sep-12 • Comments Off
  127. Seminar: Thermal Phenomena in Nanoelectronics
    5-Sep-12 • Comments Off
  128. ASME Utah Presents: Embedded Microfluidic Cooling – Gen3 Thermal Packaging Technology
    1-Sep-12 • Comments Off
  129. The Future of High-Tech Jobs in Utah with Congressional Representative Jim Matheson
    21-Aug-12 • Comments Off
  130. Seminar: The Brain in Motion – Visualizing Brain Biomechanics and Understanding Traumatic Brain Injury
    10-Aug-12 • Comments Off
  131. In Memoriam: Professor Richard Shorthill
    8-Aug-12 • Comments Off
  132. Professor Kent Udell works with the elements to seek energy innovations
    2-Aug-12 • Comments Off
  133. David Hoeppner, The Dream Lives On
    26-Jul-12 • Comments Off
  134. Dr. Mascaro is Awarded $918K Grant
    20-Jul-12 • Comments Off
  135. Dr. Coats Receives Career-Starter Grant from Knights Templar
    10-Jul-12 • Comments Off
  136. Dr. Adams and Two Others Secure $600K Grant
    22-Jun-12 • Comments Off
  137. Dr. Jacobsen Wins U of U Innovation and Impact Award
    19-Jun-12 • Comments Off
  138. Seminar: Pediatric Ocular Biomechanics: The Elephant in the Room
    18-Jun-12 • Comments Off
  139. Seminar: The Role of Advanced and Engineered Materials in Fueling the Economic Engine
    13-Jun-12 • Comments Off
  140. PhD Student Awarded Fulbright Fellowship
    9-May-12 • Comments Off
  141. Dr. Stephen Jacobsen Honored for Lifetime Achievement
    7-May-12 • Comments Off
  142. ASME Human-Powered Vehicle Contest Friday
    3-May-12 • Comments Off
  143. Senior Design Team Places in National Competition
    1-May-12 • Comments Off
  144. Dr. Robert Roemer Recognized by Society for Thermal Medicine
    24-Apr-12 • Comments Off
  145. Robots vs. Zombies at the U
    13-Apr-12 • Comments Off
  146. Ergonomics Team Places in North American Competition
    26-Mar-12 • Comments Off
  147. Dr. Abbott and Dr. Minor Featured in IEEE Spectrum
    22-Mar-12 • Comments Off
  148. MS/MBA Application Deadline Extended
    22-Mar-12 • Comments Off
  149. Seminar: Ergonomics in 3D Anthropometrics & Biomechanics for Digital Human Modeling
    22-Mar-12 • Comments Off
  150. Undergrad Curriculum Update
    20-Mar-12 • Comments Off
  151. Robots Will Rumble
    14-Mar-12 • Comments Off
  152. New Direction for Game Controllers
    5-Mar-12 • Comments Off
  153. Future Engineers Mingle with U Inventors
    2-Mar-12 • Comments Off
  154. Seminar: Sheet Metal Forming Using an Isogeometric Shell Formulation
    13-Feb-12 • Comments Off
  155. Seminar: Laser Based Nanomanufacturing of Electronics & Energy Systems
    25-Jan-12 • Comments Off
  156. KUER: Business Leaders Call for More Funding for Science and Technology
    27-Dec-11 • Comments Off
  157. Seminar: Surface Haptics – Virtual Touch on Physical Surfaces
    27-Dec-11 • Comments Off
  158. Seminar: Lean Robotic Manufacturing
    15-Nov-11 • Comments Off
  159. Seminar: Nano-Technology & Design Problems in Present & Future Hard Disk Drives
    10-Nov-11 • Comments Off
  160. Unique Mobility Products Enhance Lives of Physically Disabled
    28-Oct-11 • Comments Off
  161. Larry DeVries: 50 Years of Dedication
    5-Oct-11 • Comments Off
  162. Grad Student Honored for Academic Excellence
    4-Oct-11 • Comments Off
  163. Seminar: Pushing the Limits of the Human Body
    20-Sep-11 • Comments Off
  164. ME Grad Creates Green Jobs in Utah
    19-Sep-11 • Comments Off
  165. ABET (formerly known as Accreditation Board for Engineering and Technology)
    18-Sep-11 • Comments Off
  166. Distinguished Seminar: Land-atmospheric Exchange Over Complex Terrain
    17-Sep-11 • Comments Off
  167. Professor Gale to Assist in Nervous System Study
    15-Sep-11 • Comments Off
  168. Accustomed to Wheels, Thrill-Seeking Injured Veterans Take Flight
    6-Sep-11 • Comments Off
  169. Stephen Jacobsen Inducted into UTC Hall of Fame
    15-Aug-11 • Comments Off
  170. Spinal Cord Injury Veterans Learn to Paraglide
    8-Aug-11 • Comments Off
  171. Historic EPA Now Signed with U of U
    7-Jul-11 • Comments Off
  172. Masters Student Receives Best Student Poster Award
    26-Jun-11 • Comments Off
  173. Senior Design Team Featured in SnoWest
    22-Jun-11 • Comments Off
  174. Utah Engineering Students Shrink Barbershop
    22-Jun-11 • Comments Off
  175. RoboUtes take 2nd in NASA competition
    14-Jun-11 • Comments Off
  176. Former Mechanical Engineering Student Fastest in US
    8-Jun-11 • Comments Off
  177. ME Students Win UworkUwin Awards
    2-May-11 • Comments Off
  178. Dr. Meredith Metzger Receives U of U Early Career Teaching Award
    26-Apr-11 • Comments Off
  179. U of U Team Places 3rd at NASA 18th Annual Great Moon Buggy Race
    21-Apr-11 • Comments Off
  180. Daily Utah Chronicle: Engineering Students Showcase Projects
    20-Apr-11 • Comments Off
  181. Seminar: Twistable Ionic Polymer-Metal Composite Artificial Muscle
    16-Apr-11 • Comments Off
  182. Seminar: Extreme & Reversed Physical Property Values in Heterogeneous Solids
    5-Apr-11 • Comments Off
  183. Seminar: European Advances in Sustainable Refrigeration
    10-Mar-11 • Comments Off
  184. FIRST Robotics Competition Featured on the Diane Rehm Show on NPR
    3-Mar-11 • Comments Off
  185. Seminar: Applying Principles from Biology to the Design and Operation of Robots
    20-Feb-11 • Comments Off
  186. Bart Raeymaekers: ME Welcomes Newest Faculty Member
    15-Feb-11 • Comments Off
  187. Fox 13 News: Utah Engineers Develop Navigating System Using Touch Technology
    4-Feb-11 • Comments Off
  188. ME Professor: One of U’s Fabulous 5 Inventors
    1-Feb-11 • Comments Off
  189. Daily Utah Chronicle: U of U the Place for Powder
    24-Jan-11 • Comments Off
  190. KSL: Experimental “Ice Ball” Air Conditioning
    13-Jan-11 • Comments Off
  191. U of U: No. 1 for Startups
    17-Dec-10 • Comments Off
  192. ME Team Wins Grand Prize at TechTitans Competition
    13-Dec-10 • Comments Off
  193. Let Your Fingers Do the Driving
    27-Sep-10 • Comments Off
  194. The Department of Mechanical Engineering Welcomes Brittany Coats, Ph.D.
    21-Aug-10 • Comments Off
  195. Zane Beadles (Mechanical Engineering Alumnus) Named MWC Male Scholar-Athlete of the Year
    19-Aug-10 • Comments Off
  196. Department Honored for Continued Commitment to Innovation in Engineering Education
    18-Aug-10 • Comments Off
  197. University of Utah Researchers Awarded Best Paper at Teragrid 2010
    16-Aug-10 • Comments Off
  198. Robot Climbs Walls
    5-Aug-10 • Comments Off
  199. The Department of Mechanical Engineering Welcomes Mathieu Francoeur, Ph.D., as Newest Faculty Member
    30-Jul-10 • Comments Off
  200. Assistant Professor Abbott Recognized by IEEE
    3-Jun-10 • Comments Off
  201. Paragliding for Everyone
    1-Jun-10 • Comments Off
  202. Mechanical Engineers: Among Top Jobs in Demand in Utah
    28-May-10 • Comments Off
  203. Mechanical Engineering Alumnus Awarded Edison Silver Award
    25-May-10 • Comments Off
  204. Mechanical Engineering Degree Among “Top Ten” Degrees at the U
    21-May-10 • Comments Off
  205. In memoriam of James Strozier, Professor of Mechanical Engineering
    16-May-10 • Comments Off
  206. A giant ice ball to cool your home? Utah researchers think it just might work
    3-May-10 • Comments Off
  207. Utah Mechanical Engineering Students Win Ergonomics Competition
    1-May-10 • Comments Off
  208. From Cast Iron to Gridiron
    26-Apr-10 • Comments Off
  209. Utah Mechanical Engineering Students Place 2nd in NASA Moonbuggy Race
    20-Apr-10 • Comments Off
  210. Assistant Professor Jake Abbott Wins NSF Early Career Award
    1-Apr-10 • Comments Off
  211. FIRST Robotic Competition Comes to Utah
    19-Mar-10 • Comments Off
  212. A High-Tech Handrest
    8-Mar-10 • Comments Off
  213. Robots of the Future
    9-Jan-10 • Comments Off
  214. Art Meets Science in Mechanical Engineering
    8-Jan-10 • Comments Off
  215. Innovative Mechanical Engineering MS/MBA Program Begins Fall 2009
    6-Aug-09 • Comments Off
  216. Seniors Showcase Cutting Edge Projects at Design Day 2009
    25-Apr-09 • Comments Off
  217. ME Students Take 4th at the 16th Annual NASA Great Moonbuggy Race
    3-Apr-09 • Comments Off
  218. World Haptics Conference
    1-Mar-09 • Comments Off