Degree Plan Flowcharts

We have changed some of our degree requirements as of Fall 2016 and will be phasing in some new courses and phasing out other courses gradually over the next couple of years.  Some courses will be double-offered (new and old versions) for a year or two to accommodate students finishing out the old degree requirements.

Students who took or will take 1000-level Mechanical Engineering major during the 2015-16 academic year or later should follow our new degree requirements found on the 2016-17 flowchart:

2016-17 Flowchart (Traditional Calculus)
2016-17 Flowchart (Engineering Calculus)*

Most students who took 2000-level or higher Mechanical Engineering courses during the 2015-16 academic year should continue following our previous degree requirements found on the 2015-16 flowchart:
2015-16 Flowchart (Traditional Calculus)
2015-16 Flowchart (Engineering Calculus)*

Please see an academic advisor if you are not sure what requirements you will need to complete to graduate.  Students going part-time or otherwise not exactly following the flowchart that was given to them at orientation, may need to make an individualized plan with an advisor to make sure they complete all graduation requirements.

*Engineering Calculus only available at University of Utah