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Abbott Jake Abbott
Associate Professor
Office: 2016 MEK
Lab: 2156 MEK
(801) 585-6672
Wireless magnetic control of microrobots
Medical robotics
Telemanipulation of novel systems
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Utah Telerobotics

Utah Telerobotics

AdamsDaniel O. Adams
Office: 2580 MEK
Labs: 2407, 1176, 1186 MEB
(801) 585-9807
Mechanics of composite materials
Damage mechanics

Utah Composites
AmeelTim Ameel
Dept. Chair, Professor
Office: 1580 MEK
Lab: Bldg. 60
(801) 585-9730
Microscale thermal fluid phenomena
Microscale energy systems
Heat Exchangers
Mathematical modeling of thermal fluid systems
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Microscale Thermal Fluids
BalajiA.K. Balaji
Associate Professor
Office: 2155 MEK
Lab: 0121 MEK
Sustainable manufacturing
Interfaces between materials, mechanics, & manufacturing
Science of machining processes and modeling of machining performance
Design of advanced cutting tools
Sustainable Manufacturing
BloswickDonald Bloswick
Office: 1672 MEK
Lab: 2215 MEB
(801) 581-4163
Industrial ergonomics
Occupational biomechanics
Rehabilitation ergonomics
Ergonomic applications & workplace designs for workers with disabilities
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Ergonomics & Safety
BrannonRebecca Brannon
Associate Professor
Office: 2012 MEK
Lab: 2010 MEK
(801) 581-6623
Accuracy/stability/efficiency of plasticity models
Damage and failure (stability analysis, statistical uncertainty, size effects, and mesh-dependence)
Poroelasticity and poroplasticity
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Computational Solid Mechanics
CalafMarc Calaf
Assistant Professor
Office: 2547 MEK
Lab: 1285 MEK
(801) 587-3253
Atmospheric Sciences and Turbulence
Fluid Mechanics
Wind Farms Physics
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Wind, Energy & Turbulence
ChangJiyoung Chang
Assistant Professor
Office: 2557 MEK
Lab: 1351 MEB
(801) 581-7400
Wearable electronics
2-D materials
Multi-functional Near-field electrospinning
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Wearable NEMS
ChenKuan Chen
Associate Professor
Office: 1157 MEK
Lab: Bldg. 60
(801) 581-4150
Heat Transfer
Fluid Dynamics
Micro System Technology
Acoustics & Vibrations
CoatsBrittany Coats
Associate Professor
Office: 2157 MEK
Lab: 1430 MEB
(801) 585-0586
Understanding mechanisms of pediatric traumatic brain and eye injury in order to develop better prevention, diagnosis, and treatment strategies for children
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Developmental Head Injury Biomechanics
CzabajMichael Czabaj
Assistant Professor
Office: 2571 MEK
Labs: 1176, 1186, 2407 MEB
(801) 585-6226
Fracture and fatigue of composite materials
Durability and damage tolerance of composite structures
Micromechanics of composite materials
3D imaging using X-ray computed tomography
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Utah Composites
DeVriesK.L. DeVries (Larry)
Distinguished Professor
Office: 1656 MEK
Lab: 2151 MEB
(801) 581-7101
Failure in materials
Material selection and substitution
Mechanical properties of polymers
Behavior of adhesive joints
Mechanical testing of materials

Fracture & Adhesives
FrancoeurMathieu Francoeur
Associate Professor
Director of Graduate Studies
Office: 1563 MEK
Lab: 2285 MEK
(801) 581-5721
Radiation heat transfer
Nanoscale heat transport,
Photovoltaic and thermophotovoltaic energy conversion
Surface polariton coupling in nanostructures
Optical characterization
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Radiative Energy Transfer
FuHenry Fu
Associate Professor
Office: 2563 MEK
(801) 581-4119
Low-Reynolds number hydrodynamics
Biomechanics and biophysics
Complex biomaterials
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Fluids and Biomechanics
GaleBruce Gale
Office: 3711 SMBB
Lab: 3800 SMBB
(801) 585-5944
Microfluidics, MEMS, and nanotechnology applications in medicine and biology
Integrated microsystems for biomedical separations, sensing, and actuation
Micropumps, microvalves, and microsensors
Microscale DNA analysis systems
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Utah Center of Excellence for Biomedical Microfluidics
KingstedtOwen Kingstedt
Assistant Professor
Office: 2573 MEK
Lab: Bldg. 60
(801) 213-6975
Mechanics of materials for extreme environments
Mutli-length and time scale experimentation
Interfacial effects on macroscopic properties
Dynamic fracture and failure of advanced materials
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High Strain-Rate Mechanics of Materials
LeangKam K. Leang
Associate Professor
Office: 1018 MEK
Lab: 1156
(801) 581-3450
Dynamic systems and control
Autonomous systems and robotics
Electroactive materials
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Design, Automation, Robotics & Control
Tommaso Lenzi
Assistant Professor
Office: 2023 MEK
Labs: 0155 & 2550 MEK
(801) 213-3637
Wearable robotics
Robotic limb prostheses and exoskeletons
Rehabilitation engineering
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Bionic Engineering Laboratory
MascaroDDebra Mascaro
Dir. of Undergrad Studies
Assist. Prof. (Lecturer)
Office: 1560B MEK
(801) 581-7687

Academic Advising, Lecturer
MascaroSStephen Mascaro
Associate Professor
Office: 2020 MEK
Lab: 2028 MEK
(801) 581-7228
Robotics and mechatronics
System dynamics and control
Sensors and actuators
Human-machine systems
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McMurtryPatrick McMurtry
Office: 412 CME
(801) 581-3889
Fluid Mechanics
Numerical Simulation and algorithm development
Multi-material flows
Supersonic flows
Large Eddy Simulations
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MeekSanford G. Meek
Associate Professor
Office: 2153 MEK
Lab: 2019 MEK
(801) 581-8562
Modelling the effects of pelvis deformities in kidney function
Prosthetic arm design and control
Biocontrol systems
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MerryweatherAndrew Merryweather
Assistant Professor
Office: 1674 MEK
Lab: 2215 MEB
(801) 581-8118
3D Motion Analysis
Lower Limb Joint Biomechanics
Occupational Injury Biomechanics
Rehabilitation Engineering
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Ergonomics & Safety
MetzgerMeredith Metzger
Associate Professor
Office: 2543 MEK
Lab: Bldg. 60
(801) 581-5032
Experimental fluid dynamics with an emphasis on pollutant dispersion, turbulent mixing, and high Reynolds number turbulent boundary layer physics.
Development of experimental techniques and sensors for fundamental fluid dynamic and atmospheric measurements.

Turbulence & Renewable Energy
MinorMark A. Minor
Associate Professor
Office: 2022 MEK
Labs: 0111, 0112, 2030 MEK
(801) 587-7771
Design, modeling, and control of mobile robots systems including ground based modular systems and under-actuated climbing robots. Key research topics include design optimization, motion planning, trajectory tracking.
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Robotic Systems
MonsonKen Monson
Associate Professor
Office: 1155 MEK
Lab: 4015 SMBB
(801) 585-5191
Traumatic brain injury
Blast injury
Cerebral vessel mechanics and mechanotransduction
Solid mechanics
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Head Injury & Vessel Biomechanics
NalewaySteven Naleway
Assistant Professor
Office: 1545 MEK
Lab: 0155 & 2550 MEK
(801) 213-6974
Bioinspired design
Biological material science
Green engineering
Structural mechanics and materials
Fatigue and fracture mechanics
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Bioinspired Science and Engineering
Pania Newell
Assistant Professor
Office: 2465 MEK
(801) 213-3635
Computational multiphysics analysis of coupled phenomena
Fracture analysis in multiphysics systems
Computational homogenization of heterogeneous materials
Constitutive modeling.
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Integrated Multi-Physics Laboratory
PardyjakEric Pardyjak
Office: 1011 MEK
Lab: Bldg. 60
(801) 585-6414
Fluid mechanics
Atmospheric turbulence
Urban fluid mechanics
Stratified turbulence
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Environmental Fluid Dynamics
ParkKeunhan (Kay) Park
Assistant Professor
Office: 2672 MEK
Labs: 1361 MEB; 2285 MEK
(801) 581-4260
Fundamental understanding of micro/nanoscale heat and mass transport
Tip-based nanoscale imaging, spectroscopy, and manufacturing
Synthesis and characterization of multifunctional nanoparticles for biomedical and energy applications
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Micro/Nanoscale Energy Transport & Conversion
RaeymaekersBart Raeymaekers
Associate Professor
Office: 2676 MEK
Lab: 1410 MEB
(801) 585-7594
Nano- and biotribology
Design of medical devices
Precision manufacturing
Ultrasound sensor technology
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Utah Tribology & Precision Engineering
RoemerRobert B. Roemer
Office: 1543 MEK
Lab: 1430 MEB
(801) 585-5631
Applications of thermal sciences to biomedical problems

Bio-Heat Transfer/Injury
RoundyShad Roundy
Assistant Professor
Office: 1153 MEK
Lab: 2240 MEB
(801) 581-4304
Energy harvesting
Inertial sensing
Self powered wireless sensors
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Integrated Self-Powered Sensing
SmithAmanda Smith
Assistant Professor
Office: 1151 MEK
Lab: 2121 MEK
(801) 581-6485
Distributed energy technologies
Alternative energy systems
Building energy simulation
Energy efficiency
Thermal energy storage
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Site-Specific Energy Systems
SpearAshley Spear
Assistant Professor
Office: 2151 MEK
Lab: 2010 MEK
(801) 581-4753
Characterizing and simulating three-dimensional cracking in metallic structures
3-D finite element analysis
Concurrent multiscale modeling
Microscale characterization of metallic materials
High-energy X-ray diffraction microscopy (HEDM)
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Multiscale Mechanics & Materials
StollRob Stoll
Associate Professor
Office: 1012 MEK
Lab: Bldg 60; 1285 MEK
(801) 581-3405
Fluid mechanics in the environment
Computational fluid dynamics
Large-eddy simulation
Atmospheric boundary layer
Land-atmosphere interactions
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Computational & Environmental Fluid Dynamics
TanWenda Tan
Assistant Professor
Office: 2561 MEK
Lab: 1449 MEB
(801) 585-2536
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Laser-Based Manufacturing
UdellKent Stewart Udell
Office: 1016 MEK
Lab: 1157 MEB
(801) 585-0369
Contaminated aquifer restoration
Enhanced petroleum recovery
Fluid mechanics
Heat transfer
Mass transfer

Sustainable Energy
WarrenRoseanne Warren
Assistant Professor
Office: 2553 MEK
Lab: 1371 MEB
(801) 585-1758
Electrochemical energy storage
Photoelectrochemical water splitting
Atomic layer deposition
Carbon nanotubes
Transition metal oxides
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Advanced Energy Innovations
Tim Ameel
Dept. Chair, Professor
Office: 1580 MEK
Lab: Bldg. 60
(801) 585-9730
Mathieu Francoeur
Associate Professor, Director of Graduate Studies
Office: 1563 MEK
Lab: 2285 MEK
(801) 581-5721
Debra MascaroDebra Mascaro
Assistant Professor (Lecturer), Director of Undergraduate Studies
Office: 1560B MEK
(801) 581-7687

Auxiliary Faculty - Research

Eberhard BambergResearch Assistant Professorbamberg@mech.utah.edu
Jeremy GibbsResearch Assistant Professorjeremy.gibbs@utah.edu
Sidney J. GreenResearch Professorsgreen@xmission.com
James GuilkeyResearch Associate Professorjames.guilkey@utah.edu 801-581-87009
Todd HarmanResearch Associate Professort.harman@utah.edu 801-585-5145
Ian HarveyResearch Associate Professorirharvey@mech.utah.edu801-585-6162
Himanshu SantResearch Assistant Professorhimanshu.sant@utah.edu801-581-7719


Auxiliary Faculty - Adjunct

Michael BlinnAdjunct Assistant Professoradk4ever@msn.com
Paul BorgmeierAdjunct Associate Professorborgmeier@mech.utah.edu
Don BrownAdjunct Associate Professordbrown@me.mech.utah.edu
Paul ClarkAdjunct Assistant Professor
Grant ClaytonAdjunct Associate Professorme5000@chcpat.com
Christopher DeemerAdjunct Associate Professor
Ken dEntremontAdjunct Associate Professor
Sam DrakeAdjunct Associate Professorsamuel.h.drake@gmail.com
Phillip DrinkausAdjunct Assistant Professor
John DrogeAdjunct Assistant Professorjohn.droge@hsc.utah.edu
K. Bo ForemanAdjunct Associate Professorbo.foreman@hsc.utah.edu
Arun GargAdjunct Professor
Kurt HegmannAdjunct Professorkhegmann@dfpm.utah.edu
John HollerbachAdjunct Professorjmh@cs.utah.edu
Akiko KanekoAssociate Professor - Visiting Scholarkaneko@kz.tsukuba.ac.jp
Hanseup KimAdjunct Assistant Professorhanseup@ece.utah.edu
Nancy NickmanAdjunct Professor
Joung Man ParkAdjunct Professorjmpark@mech.utah.edu
Allison PayneAdjunct Assistant Professor
Kody PowellAdjunct Assistant Professorkody.powell@utah.edu
William ProvancherAdjunct Associate Professorwil@mech.utah.edu
John SchmidtAdjunct Assistant Professorjohn.schmidt@utah.edu
Richard SesekAdjunct Assistant Professorr.sesek@utah.edu
James StanfieldAdjunct Assistant Professor
Mark ThomsenAdjunct Assistant Professormandmthomsen@msn.com
Rodolphe VaillonCNRS Professor - Visiting Scholarrodolphe.vaillon@utah.edu
David HoeppnerEmeritus Professordhoeppner@comcast.net
L. King IsaacsonEmeritus Professorisaacson@mech.utah.edu
Gary M. SandquistEmeritus Professorgmsand@mech.utah.edu
Stephen R. SwansonEmeritus Professorswanson@mech.utah.edu
William Van MoorhemEmeritus Professorvan@mech.utah.edu